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just finished this//shrugs

have some bugs (all are at 1’00” in their pokedex entries and evolve twice, 2 wurmples because 2 different evolutions)

probably should’ve actually tried to shade but w/e

might as well put some of my art here//shrugs

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posts art while no one’s on

just decided to finally fix somethings with an old sketch (ie: fix ace’s hair, king’s torso, get rid of a really badly drawn coal), then decided to add vince into the picture in idk an outfit i could see him wearing. then said screw it and added little silhouettes of the characters the livingstons are canonly shipped with (so reggyking, applejuice, and madelince) yup. also king and ace are now using their real names because why not. so they’ll respond to king/kendall and ace/alex yup.

Rowdy no, who said you were aloud to make Vince cute?

I’m totally making that his canon outfit if I ever get around to updating the app

Might as well reblog this so the morning crowd can see it i guess.







Apparently this is my results

whoaoa neat!


mother of god I’m an intellectual just end me now


well then



i’m a rebel


creative rebelious caregiver.

sits down and contemplates what to do to get back into sxl

so uhm… how many sxl blogs are still active anyways????

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remember when i wrote assassin au reggyking

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Fic Time: There’s something different about her….


((Inspired by Rowdy’s drawings lol it’s short))

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